Video: Kawhi Leonard Shows Off Piano Skills and Challenges The Lakers in New Balance Commercial

Kawhi Leonard has a new commercial and let’s just say that it’s very interesting.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. I guess it makes sense that Kawhi plays the piano with those long piano fingers, and that would actually be an amazing performance if it didn’t have such a menacing undertone to it.
  2. Here are the captions in the commercial:This is Kawhi. This is his show. He moves. The game follows. We’d tell you the ending. But you already know. WE GOT NOW. The Evolix analytical breakdown that you will predictably hear from Skip Bayless at some point this season is that the Clippers will inevitably win the NBA championship. Kawhi might you ask? The answer is in the question. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)
  3. This commercial still doesn’t make me want to go purchase some New Balances.

Check out the video below.