Tupac 1994 Photoshoot

Another really great location that captures how mythical this man was.

Part of the photoshoot from Tupac’s 1994 Thug Life Volume. 1,¬†this shot displayed the strength of a solemn Tupac with his thug life homies behind him, in resolute strength.

Again, this one took quite a bit of digging and driving around. After making contact with the photographer of the photo, Mike Miller, I discovered that the photo was taken in Elysian Park, but he couldn’t remember where exactly. He also warned me that the graffiti was no longer there.

Determined, we made loops through Elysian Park, searching for a sign of the house or stairs that ‘Pac and the homies were at, but to no avail. Feeling hungry and defeated, we called it a day and went to nearby Homeboy Industries, and got my photographer a muffin and coffee.

I did some searching via google maps later that day and came up empty after searching, hovering over the park like a drone. So I went back to a trusted method, and stalked his photo comments for a sign of where I might find the location.

You can probably guess what happened.

I found a photo posted on his instagram six years ago, in which an instagram user commented about it being near their place on Figureou and Cypress. I went back to google maps, and after doing some rigorous scanning, I found it. The next day, we drove back to the location that I marked. It turns out that it wasn’t exactly Elysian Park, but it was damn close.

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Location: Directly across the street from 3450 Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90065