Tom Brady Is Seriously Considering The Titans in Free Agency

We love to see it.

Not to sound redundant but guys, Tom Brady is SERIOUSLY considering the Tennessee Titans in free agency.

We reported it weeks ago, and everyone scoffed at the report, but a familiar big-hitter is now also supporting this theory.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter joined the Rich Eisen show Wednesday to elaborate on news that he heard from ESPN colleague Jeff Darlington. Darlington, who is well connected to Brady, told Schefter that the Titans are the clear favorites to land Brady in free agency. Here’s Schefter:

“i knew that tennessee was an option, but he  [darlington] made it out to be more than an option than i realized it to be. in his mind, to rank the teams, it would be tennessee, Las Vegas, and New England.”


Schefter also pointed out that Tennessee is in a bit of a pickle considering the franchise would have to take the risk of not placing the franchise tag on current quarterback Ryan Tannehill in order to secure Brady. Tennessee is currently expected to franchise tag Tannehill, but this would nullify their chances of getting Brady this offseason. The flipside to that would be to risk not tagging Tannehill, and resulting in a possible consequence of the possible loss of both Tannehill and Brady signing elsewhere.

For Brady, we think it’s worth the gamble.