The Top 5 Greatest NBA Players From Tennessee

Bet you can't guess who number one is

2. Penny Hardaway (Memphis, Tennessee)

I bet you probably expected him to be numero uno, but nope. There is shockingly someone even greater than him who we will reveal next. Penny Hardaway is simply a Tennessee legend, a Memphis icon, and at one point in the mid 90’s, the star that many expected to usurp the great Michael Jordan. Hardaway is the definition a Memphis dude, through and through. Born in Memphis. Raised in Memphis. Played Basketball at the University of Memphis (then called Memphis State University). Now coaches his collegiate alma mater Memphis Tigers.  A legendary NBA career that was unfortunately cut short by some devastating injuries, he managed to become a 4x NBA All-Star, and averaged 15.2, 4.5, and 5.0 in his NBA career. He would arguably be the best player on this list if it wasn’t for the next guy….