Supa Hot Fire- The Rap Battle Parody

Nine years ago, the world was introduced to Supa Hot Fire, a character who went viral because of his satirical videos parodying rap battles. We were all magnetized by this man whose glasses, jacket, and shirt was almost always accompanied by a smirk. We were all witnesses as we saw Supa Hot end the careers of many, including T-Bone, Mute Spittah, Chris Rock, Chunk Dirty, Soulja Boy, Hospin, etc. The list could go on forever, considering we were introduced to his remarkable battle record of 398,246,301-0.

As you all know, since moving to California it has become a personal mission of mine to scout these iconic cultural filming locations out, and judging by the gazillions of Youtube views that Supa Hot Fire has today, it’s probably safe to consider this one pretty iconic. To find this location, I had to get into contact with Malik, aka the moderator/hypeman, who I met through a mutual friend. So I hit him up on Instagram and asked him, where exactly did they film the first rap battle video. Although he couldn’t remember the exact spot, Malik responded with a street in Rancho Cucamonga and suggested that if I drive over there, I would be able to spot it.

So jumping into my google maps, I surveyed the area that he provided and found THE SPOT THAT SUPA HOT DESTROYED T-BONE. It looked so beautiful on my maps. The trees seemed to align perfectly with the video, and the blue house in the background matched the house in the back from the video.


So on a trip back from Palm Springs for a wedding, my Fiancé and I strategically made a pit stop in the Inland Empire.

To my dismay, the majority of the trees had been chopped down since the fellas shot the video back in 2011. However, unperturbed, I was determined to discover something that resembled the original video. And discover I did.

For those of you who want to know where Supa Hot made viral history, here’s the address:

On the corner of Hyssop Drive and Candlewood Street/12008 Candlewood Street