Stephen Curry Eyes Return to The Court Next Week

Curry is coming!

The golden state’s favorite warrior is returning.

Superstar point guard Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors spoke with the media Saturday, and stated that it has always been his intention to return back to the court on March 1st. Curry went on to eloquently state:

“it’s always been march 1st… you have to have something to work towards in the rehab process. a BAROMETER for each week that you’re building towards, and like i’ve always said i haven’t had any setbacks on the way. this has been a very long strenuous rehab process and something that i haven’t been through before so it’s nice that i am getting that type of of response for every new challenge that i go after.”

The last three plus months, Curry has been rehabbing from a broken left hand injury that he suffered last October. His return to the court is both commendable and questionable, considering that the Warriors (12-45) chances of making it to the playoffs are non-existent. Curry also suffered an injury last April on the same hand in the playoffs. With Klay Thompson effectively declared out until next season, combined with Curry’s recent injury profile, it makes little sense to take the risk. However, it could bode well for viewership and fans, seeing as television ratings have plunged for the Warriors, down 66% from last season.