Rocky III

When you are feeling despondent and blue in Los Angeles, there is no better place to resuscitate your alacrity other than the beach. I can vouch for this on a number of occasions.

So it completely makes sense that Rocky Balboa found new life at Santa Monica Beach in 1982.

As you all can recall, it is during this all-time great training montage that Rocky decided to sublimate his somberness for the success. With the assistance of the best trainer that he’s ever had, Rocky eventually outran Creed on the shores of Santa Monica Beach, in a fashion that would make even Usain Bolt shudder. Finding this location was not easy, but there are some giveaways.

That pier behind them is the original Santa Monica Pier, which was destroyed a year after the movie was released in 1983. The pier was rebuilt into the pier that it is today shortly after that.

Because they are clearly running on the north side of the pier, that was the give-away for me. So, after positioning myself on the north side of the pier, and lining up the structure of the mountains that were behind them, wazam! We had found perfection. The most interesting take-away: the water was SOOOOO much clearer and blue 38 years ago. These days, it’s damn near brown.

Rocky III
Location: Santa Monica Beach, North of the Santa Monica Pier