Patriots’ Cam Newton ‘isn’t Superman anymore’, NFL Coach Says

In an interview conducted by The Athletic, NFL coaches and executives were asked to place the NFL’s quarterbacks into tiers. While many have been wondering what Cam Newton’s return season will look like with the New England Patriots, it appears that there may be some within the league that don’t think we will see the Cam of old.

“I don’t think he is Superman anymore,” a coach who placed Newton in the third tier said. “Remember when (Colin) Kaepernick became vegan, changed his body and he just wasn’t as dynamic of an athlete anymore? Cam was 265 and bigger than everybody. He looks skinny now like he is 235 and wants to have ripped abs, and that’s his choice. Is he going to have that power running element?”

Newton has always been a physical freak. During his MVP season and sole Super bowl appearance, Newton towered over defenders at 6-foot-5 and weighing 245 pounds, outweighing more than half of the leagues defenders in 2015. 

However, the hits and sacks have taken their toll on Newton. Altogether, the former NFL MVP has missed 16 games since 2018 due to shoulder and foot ailments.

It was his foot ailments that galvanized Newton to change his diet and workout approach, so here we are. Overall, Newton looks to be in really great shape these days. The new patriot seems to be ready for this season and has already garnered the adulation of Bill Belichick.