NFL Players React Unfavorably to League Social-Distancing Guidelines

On Thursday, news was disseminated by the NFL regarding the social-distancing guidelines this upcoming season. Among other guidelines, a notable decree was issued in order to mitigate contact between the players: postgame jersey exchanges will be banned for the 2020 National Football League season.

Some of the league premiere players, including Richard Sherman, Deshaun Watson, and George Kittle did not react favorably to this news.

Richard Sherman excoriated the league in typical outspoken Richard Sherman fashion.

The players consensually perceive the new rule as hypocrisy, and while it may seem redundant, it certainly does not deserve the level of vitriol that players are giving it.

In addition to that rule, the NFL also banned on-field fan sitting, and established that players and personnel on the field must wear a mask.

Give kudos to the NFL for trying.