Mikey Williams: Going to an HBCU Would Change Sports Forever

Mikey Williams, the 15-year old basketball phenom and top recruit out of San Diego, has doubled down on his desire to potentially play for a HBCU over any other college.

Since that tweet, Williams has already fielded multiple offers from colleges including Delaware State, Morehouse, Florida A&M, North Carolina Central, Hampton, Southern, Grambling State, Howard, Texas Southern, Norfolk State, Tennessee State and Alabama State.

In an interview with The Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks, Williams discussed the revolutionary impact that a top basketball recruit selecting a historically black college and university would have moving forward.

 “I’ve always looked into going to an HBCU; my mom went to Hampton, and she put it in my head early, with my social media following and influence I feel that I have a chance to change sports forever. A lot of athletes are so star struck by big-name schools and coaches that they forget they control their own narrative. If there’s anybody that is getting paid from me being at their school I’d want it to be my own people. It’s all about timing and situation. I support the black community to the fullest and any way possible I can help I’m going to do so no matter what it is.”

This kid not only has unbelievable athleticism, but incredible awareness for his age. Check out his highlights below.