Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones Seemingly Call It Quits After a Weird & Scandalous Relationship

So I’m not typically a subscriber to the world of “Love & Hip Hop” but as a millennial growing up a fan of B2K, after seeing the Omarion unbothered interview reaction about his former B2K bandmate Lil Fizz dating his ex and mother of his two children, Apryl Jones,  I had to find out more.

You can look into the full context of how their relationship began yourself with a simple google or youtube search. Frankly, I’m too lazy and don’t really care enough about either to go into detail, but just know that this relationship was widely and angrily considered scandalous on a level of tremendous proportions, so now that it’s over, the culture can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

How do we know that their relationship is over? A quick scan of their Instagram profiles would show that they have unfollowed each other, and as for Jones, she has eradicated all but one photo of them together; Fizz, however still has photos on his page. Finally per MTO News, a friend of Apryl said “It’s nothing scandalous. It’s just that their relationship ran its course and it’s over.”

Yeah, ok.