Like Mike

Ahhhhh. Like Mike. Who didn’t catch this film as a kid? It was Lil Bow Wow at his peak. Morris Chestnut. ┬áStaples Center. Early 2000’s LA, and an introduction to us 10-year olds that if you wanted a huge white mansion and a pool, all you had to do was make it to the league!

Finding Chesterfield Home Orphanage wasn’t easy. I remember how I found this location, and believe you me, I really had to work it. Breaking down film, analyzing the angle and proximity of downtown to nail down what neighborhood this was in… luckily I’m sort of a smart cookie and it didn’t take me too long to crack the code.

Even in the trailer you get a glimpse of the house and its’ relation to downtown LA in the beginning.

Side Note: I wonder if the Knights were loosely based on the LA Clippers? Since they share the same colors and event the Font as the Knights.

Double Side Note: Also, this movie had to hurt for Jason Kidd. It came out in the summer of 2002, a month after he and the New Jersey Nets were swept in the NBA Finals that year by the Los Angeles Lakers. Maybe THAT explains why Kobe and Shaq weren’t in the movie? It’s food for thought.

This is a private residence. I’m not going to say we broke in to take these pictures because that would be an admission of guilt and I don’t know if the feds are reading these or not. So to my readers, do me a favor and keep that part between us.

The location hasn’t changed much- it’s a four-plex apartment building. The biggest change is the removal of the porch, and sadly, the basketball goal. I’m sure it was just a prop for the movie, but man it would have been cool to see it standing in it’s 18 year glory. To my thrill, the wires that MJ’s shoes were hung on that Calvin collected are still present!

Oh yeah, I think the house was re-painted too. It’s kind of in bad shape, and a little nasty looking these days. But the area is completely safe by Los Angeles standards. Here’s the location for you:

Address: 170 North Edgeware Road, Los Angeles, CA 90026