Kyle Kuzma Takes Subtle Shots at LeBron James using His Trainer and a Famous Actor

Kyle Kuzma seemingly takes a shot at his superstar teammate LeBron James after the Lakers lost to Clippers on Christmas Day.

Trouble in LA LA land?

Seems likely. Los Angeles Laker forward Kyle Kuzma’s trainer apparently took a shot at LeBron James earlier today, and it seems as though Kuzma agrees.

Admittedly, James did not play that well against the Clippers on Christmas Day, which has reportedly been due in part to a groin contusion. However, this does not excuse Kuzma from joining in on taking a shot at the leader of his team. Also, Kuzma mysteriously thanked Michael Rapaport on Twitter for a Christmas gift.

Sports fans know that Rapaport is a notorious hater of LeBron James and takes a shot at James every chance that he gets, so the furtive tweet could be alluding to more than just a gift.

This does not bode well for a Laker team that many talking heads and analysts claimed to have the best chemistry in the league this season.

But like Omar said from The Wire, “you come at the King, you best not miss.”