Kevin Durant Calls Kendrick Perkins A Sell Out For Comments On Kyrie Irving

This beef never seems to cease.

Where do we start? Kendrick Perkins, player turned analyst, has been offering up strong takes of criticism on Kyrie Irving’s unique stance against NBA players resuming next month.

Perkins isn’t the only one that has a problem with Irving’s methods. Stephen A. Smith has ranted all week on his disapproval of Irving’s rhetoric, especially since it’s apparently opposed to the views of other NBA executive committee members (Irving is the vice president on the NBPA Executive comittee).

Perkins continued to blow off some steam on twitter later.

Big Perk’s take, however, did not bode very well with Kevin Durant, Irving’s new teammate.


Durant, seemingly annoyed by Perkins, called the analyst a “sell out” on Instagram and retweeted a video in which Perkins shot an air-ball in a game. The cold war has been waging for over a year now, and there does not seem to be an end in sight, although Perkins swore he wouldn’t attack KD anymore after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant hit him.

We’ll see if Perkins can stay true to his word.