Kenny Smith Says He Will Move On From Hosting on TV

Former NBA Player and co-star of “Inside the NBA” Kenny Smith has long been rumored to join the ranks of NBA general managers. In an interview with Front Office Sports, he confirmed that day may be coming sooner rather than later. When asked if he could see himself running a NBA franchise someday, he responded:

 “It’s inevitable from a basketball standpoint I will be moving on. The consumption and production of information that I’ve received, the way I’m able to relay it, and the relationships, it’s inevitable. It’s just inevitable…You’re around things. You’re privy to information for 20 years from runners to agents to general managers and owners that no one else has been privy to. No one else. Every team in the league has told me something they’ve told no one else.”

Smith also said that there are constantly calls to him regarding job offers.

“Right now we’re in a COVID-19 world. But after this 22-game thing, then the dust will clear. Because everyone’s not really sure where they are. They’re thinking, ‘Are we still where we were when we left off? Are we better? Do we have another chance since this is the start of a new season?’ Once that diminishes and goes away, my phone always rings. One day I’m going to answer and they’re going to answer back at the same time…Both parties will say yes.”

Smith has been a studio analyst on TNT since 1998, so that experience combined with a ten-year playing career (with 2 championships), makes for an impressive resume that simply cannot be denied.