Jerry West Reveals That Kobe Bryant was Going to Sign With the Clippers

Watch Jerry West stunningly reveal that during the 2007 season, Kobe wanted to play for the cross-town rival Clippers.

Jerry West and Kobe Bryant in 1996

In an exclusive interview honoring the legend of Kobe Bryant with TNT, former Los Angeles Laker general manager Jerry West revealed that during the 2007 NBA season in which Bryant was publicly demanding a trade from the Lakers, he wanted to go across the hall to the Los Angeles Clippers.

I remember when he was going to leave the lakers, and i never really mentioned this to anyone. He was going to come and sign with the clippers who i’m now involved with as a consultant. i told him kobe, under no circumstances can you do this… you can’t go play with the clippers. you can’t play for that owner, period.

As everyone knows, the former Clippers owner Donald Sterling has since been banned for alleged racism. West went on to say that Kobe had supposedly made a commitment to the Clippers, but Bryant reportedly had a change of heart, and proceeded to win two of the next three titles.

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