Jalen Hurts Was Predictably Asked If He Intends To Switch Positions in NFL

Can we stop this, please?

At the NFL Combine yesterday, Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts was asked if he would consider switching positions in the NFL.

This is starting to become a trend with black quarterbacks, as it happened a couple of years ago with Lamar Jackson, who became the first unanimous NFL MVP in historic fashion last season.

The racial history faced by black quarterbacks goes back pretty far. Black players have historically faced difficulty in landing and retaining QB roles, and most would argue that they tend to experience bias and are portrayed less favorably in the media than their white colleagues. Last season was finally a shift in the right direction, as arguably 4 of the top 5 quarterbacks were black. Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. Even in college, Hurts went 38-4 as a starter at Alabama where he won a national championship, and secured a spot as a Heisman Trophy finalist at Oklahoma last season.

So despite that long history of being doubted not on the merit of play, but because of the color of skin, Hurts smiled and answered the question of whether he should switch positions calmly and confidently.

“Yeah you know, I’ve always been a team-first guy,” Hurts told reporters. “But I think I’m a quarterback. I think that’s that.”