30 years ago, Ice Cube produced his debut solo album Amerikkka’s Most Wanted after infamously departing the rap group that changed the game forever: N.W.A. Aside from this being Ice Cube’s first nationally recognized solo venture, the beauty of this album is rooted in the social consciousness context of the music: Attacks at institutional racism, calling Arsenio Hall out, predictably the profanity-laced attacks at the police, and getting sued by Mr. Rogers? Admittedly, this is not my favorite Ice Cube album; that honor belongs to his third solo album: Death Certificate. That No Vaseline track is unassailably one of the three greatest diss tracks ever (Hit Em Up, Back to Back) but this album definitely has some heaters like The Nigga ya Love to Hate, Who’s the Mack and It’s a Man’s World. Also, it’s pretty interesting that although NWA and Cube had an acrimonious split, Cube decided there would be no dissin’ because his album “wasn’t gonna have no reflection of NWA”, and he was happy just because he was solo.

So, the ironic thing about this album cover location is that it wasn’t really done at the location.

It was actually taken on Ice Cube’s parents front lawn in Compton. All of the homies that you can see were all on Cube’s lawn. This album cover was actually a cut-and-paste edit, and delicately done, if I do say so myself. The buildings behind it were located in downtown Los Angeles.

That’s nearly a 30 year difference! If you look up, you’ll see that the “United Artists” sign circled in red is still very much the same, as well as the Blue Eastern Building behind it. That building is the location of a few cinematic events as well, and also has a really dope pool at the top of it.

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Location: 985 S broadway Los Angeles, CA 90015