How To Be A Player

Outside of Love and Basketball, I don’t think one movie had more of a social impact on my adolescence other than this one. Diametrically opposed films right? That should give you a glimpse into my love life. Anyway, the magic of this film is rooted in its simplicity. How it showed Dre (Bill Bellamy) riding around Los Angeles in a vintage red thunderbird with his homies; Incessantly escaping to different women’s cribs around the city (while cheating on his girlfriend); His swanky baller condo that I am still very much seeking to find a facsimile to live in myself, and the Adidas shoe boxes full of panties of past conquests. Hell, subconsciously, maybe part of the reason that I wanted to move to Los Angeles was to be cool like Dre. In college, I remember I would get up in the morning, play James Brown’s “Get Up” while washing my face, and move and groove into my day. So obviously, you can imagine how besieged with glee my mind was when I extemporaeuously discovered that part of the filming was done right near my local barbershop in Koreatown.


In this location, I captured the fellas standing outside of Dre’s apartment (located in Koreatown) when they ran into an old flame that was also a tenant at the apartment. Look at those gorgeous palm trees… This is a 22 year difference people!


This one, however, was my personal favorite to find. I had read somewhere online that Sherri’s building (remember the freaky one with the whips?) was in Long Beach and had been torn down. Discouraged and dejected, I kind of ended my quest there. Then one day, randomly riding around the arts district I fucking saw it. I stopped in front and quickly scoured the internet for clips of the movie so that I could verify it. This is actually a very popular building and has been used in a number off movies and shows including House, The Wedding Ringer, etc.

Fun Fact: Pierre’s character, David’s crib is also located in the arts district about half a mile from Sherri’s on the corner of Santa Fe and 7th street. More to come on that.


Not shockingly, this movie received a rating of 14% on rotten tomatoes, and wasn’t received well by critics. Understandably so, since it’s riddled with misogyny, but you know what? Fuck those critics. It’s hilarious, and to me a cult classic. Sadly, it didn’t do that well at the box office either. The budget was 12 million, and the box office was only 14 million. I was only four years old in 1997, so I’m struggling a bit to understand WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THIS MOVIE DO BETTER?!


Dre Apartment Location:516 South St. Andrews Place, Los Angeles, CA

Sherri Apartment Location: 544 S Sante Fe Avenue, Los Angeles CA