How Kevin Durant Could Return This Season For the NBA Playoffs

Hear us out.

As everyone knows by now, the NBA season is currently suspended. Per ESPN, the hiatus will be at least 30 days, and potentially, if not probably, more. So it’s a very dull time for sports fans and writers alike. But there was an interesting tweet this evening from the Los Angeles Times’ Brad Turner, who covers the Los Angeles Lakers.

Still with me? Great. Remember that guy, Kevin Durant? A top five player in the league? The one reason why Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors won a championship last year? (No offense Kawhi, you earned it.) Remember that nasty ACL tear he had in game 5 of the NBA Finals? Ok, now let’s go revisit the recovery timeline of one Kevin Durant.

Of the five players on that list, the average recovery time is 280.6 days. Durant’s recovery started on June 12, 2019. By that standard, he would have ideally made a full recovery and capable of game action by March 19, 2020. For reference, his new team, the Brooklyn Nets would have 14 regular season games to play after March 19th. However, it is my speculation that if the season does get pushed back, say 50 days, that March 19th game would theoretically be May 8th. With more time to recover and rest, it’s certainly plausible that Durant would be more acquiescent and congruent to the idea of playing this season, especially considering that the Nets currently host the seventh seed in the NBA eastern conference, and are strong candidates for playoff contention.

There is this one little thing, however.

The operative phrase here is “plan on it”. I didn’t plan on waking up and ordering two chicken biscuits, some chicken minis, and tator tots from Chick-Fil-A yesterday morning. But I did anyway, and I’m supposed to be on a carb restriction.

Plus that was a long time ago. Things change, people change.

So, look, it’s possible that he could return this year and do you know how amazing that would be? I would be willing to bet right now that they could beat the Milwaukee Bucks at some point in the playoffs and finally make a NBA finals berth against either….. Kawhi or LeBron James??? OHHHHHHMYYYYGAHHHHHHHHHH.

The coronavirus is terrible, don’t get it twisted. It’s a pandemic, and I hate the way that it’s affecting the rest of the world, including the NBA. But let’s not act like there is a slim, seven foot, black and silver lining in all of this.