Friday After Next

“Craiggggggg and Day-Day. Just the niggas I needed to see.”

Terry Crews as Damon was a great fucking chess move by Ice Cube. Because Tiny Lister (Debo) was arrested prior to filming Friday after Next, Ice Cube casted Terry Crews instead as the new antagonist.

I love Debo, interviewed him once (which we will post the youtube link in here later) but his storyline was getting a little old. Terry Crews was actually much more menacing in my opinion, and generally refreshing as the storyline took a new turn.

Before we get to the location, here’s the video scenes in which we mimicked for reference.

This location was a pretty easy find. It’s in Van Nuys, which is located in the valley in north Los Angeles. Growing up watching this film, I always thought that Craig and Day-Day’s apartment was pretty nice. With the palm trees lined up outside, and as an outsider to California from the dirty south, I thought that Craig had made it based on a first look at the exterior of the apartment.But, as the movie foretold, and corroborated by the KFL team, we quickly discovered that although the apartment complex may not have the lively cast of ghetto black characters depicted in the movie, it’s still the ghetto. Like really, really ghetto. It’s not anything that you need to be cautious of though, this is the valley, not South Central.

Which is shocking to me. Like there’s Van Nuys, and then there is this. It’s like a little Mexican village in there, and you can’t help but feel sorry for the living conditions inside. I’m not even kidding, go check it out and see for yourself. I don’t mean to damper the mood, but it was truly a shocker for us. Maybe, that’s just because I had higher expectations going into it because I lived in the Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys area in 2017, and hadn’t quite seen anything like what I saw on that day.

Anyway, everything is everything in the building. The people are friendly, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Location: 6950 Kester Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91405