Donald Trump Calls George Floyd Protesters Thugs; Threatens To ‘Shoot Those Who Loot’

Things in Minneapolis are heating up.


Thursday night, sources reported that Minneapolis George Floyd protesters torched a police station in the 3rd precinct.

It was later reported that no one was harmed, as the tenants of the building and surrounding areas were asked to evacuate the area, plus the fire department was able to get to the scene relatively quickly.

But still. Crazy, right?

Well, just when you would hope for the face of our great nation to swoop in, figuratively extinguish the flames, and save the day, reality set in.

If reading that from the leader of the free world doesn’t emotionally paralyze you, I’m not sure what will. This is bigger than a presidential indiscretion, especially when that same president previously defended white nationalist protesters, calling them ‘fine people’, but labeling the group in Minnesota tonight as thugs.

Then to threaten to shoot those who loot?

Utilizing divisive and polarizing rhetoric during times like this will not sow seeds of harmony in Minnesota tonight, and it damn sure won’t in America.

Especially when it comes from the one person who holds the highest office in our country.