Deontay Wilder on Possibly Firing Trainer: I’d Rather Die In The Ring Than Have The Towel Thrown In

Deontay Wilder shocked the world Saturday night, when he staggered through a seven round fight with Tyson Fury that resulted in a technical knock-out. Wilder spoke with The Athletic, to which he confirmed that he is definitely exercising his rematch for a Summer Trilogy against Tyson Fury, and that his legs were weakened by his 45-pound costume he wore to the ring to honor Black History Month.

It was also said by Wilder that he is re-evaluating retaining his assistant trainer Mark Breland.

See tweets below:


This is a very dangerous mentality for Wilder to have. After all, if the trainer hadn’t thrown the towel in at the right time, there very well may have been a tragedy in Las Vegas Saturday night. Plus, I’m sure that Mark Breland, a former boxing champion himself, knew exactly what to do.

But I’m sure Rocky Balboa is still around if Wilder truly wants to risk it all.