Demarcus Cousins: Montrezl Harrell is a Dog But It Ain’t Enough

Y’all know how we do at Evolix, and given the temperature between the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers, on a scale of a wet match (level 1) to scorched earth (level 4), I would say this is a level 2 bonfire.

On an episode of “All The Smoke”, DeMarcus Cousins opened up about the burgeoning Laker-Clipper rivalry and his desire to be in it. As hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson praised the Clippers power forward Montrezl Harrell, Cousins quickly interjected.

“Shout out to trez, i like ‘trez. he’s a dog for sure. it ain’t enough though. i love ‘trez, but it ain’t enough.”

Cousins also said that he wants “all the smoke” when opining about his fervent desire to get back on the court and compete against the Clippers. Cousins has been out with an ACL injury since before the season, and has been working with the Lakers training staff all season to get back. Laker Coach Frank Vogel remarked earlier this week, that the Lakers are not ruling out a return for Cousins this season.

To me, this confidence is one that probably resonates across the entire Laker team. Cousins remarked earlier in the podcast about how he has never been on a team with as much chemistry as these Lakers currently have. The Purple and Gold are currently the first seed in the NBA Western conference, so they have every reason to be confident in themselves.