DeMarcus Cousins: LeBron James Needs to Run For President One Day

Demarcus Cousins makes a solid point and we could not agree more.

On a scorching hot episode of ALL THE SMOKE, DeMarcus Cousins opined about playing on the same team with LeBron James.

When asked by Matt Barnes on what it’s like playing with James, Cousins gushed about him, describing him as a “real dude” and how he has always looked up to him as a player. Cousins also went on to say:

“I told him the other day bro you need to run for president. if there is any nba player that can do it, it’s LeBron James. and he is gonna do it the right way… he has that type of impact, influence, and just being a genuine person, i think that’s going to take him further than anything. he understands it. he came from it, he grew up the same way… you can’t beat that.”

Now that is a mouthful. But you have to admit, no one has ignited more change in the landscape of the NBA, so it’s not insane to think that James could do the same in the White House.