Clyde Drexler Claps Back at Michael Jordan After The Last Dance

During the Last Dance documentary on ESPN, Michael Jordan took shots at NBA Legend Clyde Drexler by undermining Drexler’s talent in comparison to himself.

The feelings ultimately culminated in Jordan’s epic game one against the Portland Trailblazers in the 1992 NBA Finals, resulting in six made three-pointers in the first half and the iconic “shrug” moment that Jordan is known for. Drexler, however, in response had a lot to say on a Houston-area radio show.

“That’s Michael’s documentary so obviously it’s going to be from his perspective,” Drexler said on a recent interview with the “The A-Team” on SportsTalk 790. “Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. A lot of times guys didn’t like each other from other teams, but as you get older, you’ve got to get beyond all of that and show some love and some respect for the people you played with and against.”

The former Trailblazer shooting guard also seemingly took a shot at Jordan later in the interview stating:

“This is a team game, it’s not one guy. You can have 50 points and 40 rebounds but if you lose, are you less of a player than anybody on the other team? No, it’s a team game.

“So I hate when people act like it’s an individual competition. I didn’t take 35 shots and get 20 free throws a night, so I wasn’t going to score 40 points a night.”

Drexler has previously told FS1’s Chris Broussard that he doesn’t think that Jordan is the greatest.

Regardless, Drexler’s talent cannot be underestimated, as he eventually won a title with the Houston Rockets during the 1995 NBA Finals.