Boyz N The Hood- Drive By Shooting

In what was probably the second most iconic scene in John Singleton’s directorial debut, to the naked eye this location is nothing more than a old and dilapidated Staples parking lot.

The present day customer shopping for print paper and pens couldn’t have a clue as to the blood and pleas for forgiveness that these grounds subsumed 30 years ago as Doughboy (Ice Cube) coldly fired several rounds into an already wounded Ferris and his crew.

But before we reveal the address of the location, we must acknowledge that it, however, is much deeper than the script. The cumbersome selection process for this scene was subjected to violent threats by real bloods in Crenshaw. As noted by member of the production team Steve Nicolaides:

One night, after a long day of shooting, he got a phone call from a friend. He’d heard from “a guy named Bone, who runs the Bloods in an area they call ‘the Jungle’—which was right across the street from where we were going to do the scene where Ice Cube shoots the [gang members] who killed Ricky,” recalled Nicolaides. So Nicolaides met with Bone, who had a huge guy sitting next to him. Over dinner, Bone said, “ ‘Word on the street is that this little movie is dissing the Bloods.’ And I said, ‘No, nobody is affiliated to anyone.’ ”

“But Ice Cube’s wearing a blue Detroit Tigers hat, and the bad guy’s got a red [and black] Chicago Bulls hat on. They drive a red Hyundai—that’s dissing to me,” Bone said. “I don’t care about your little movie. I run a business here, and the profits that I make, I take the kids in my world to the ocean, I take them out fishing, but I can’t prevent some 14-year-old walking up with a 9-mm. and shooting Ice Cube in the back of the head if you’re going to shoot right across the street from me.”

Pictured: Bone
Remember that guy? The gatekeeper in the Jungle from Training Day?
Yeah, Same Bone.


So the next day Nicolaides went to the set and said, “John, you told me that colors didn’t matter, and now the hood thinks that Boyz N the Hood is dissing the Bloods, and we’re scheduled in three days to have Ice Cube kill the murderers at a burger stand right across the street from the Jungle.” But Singleton didn’t want to make any changes; it fell to Nicolaides and Ice Cube to persuade him to change the location to Eat a Burger in the Crenshaw mall. “We shot there, had no problem,” said Nicolaides.

That brings us to 2020.

The restaurant that once stood there is no more, and has been supplanted by a Staples. The food had to be pretty amazing though considering that poor Ferris got defensive about his fries when asked why he poured all that ketchup on them.

Homie: “Damn man, why you put all that ketchup on them?”

Ferris: “Why you worried ’bout it fool? These my fries!”

If it were my last meal, I wouldn’t want anyone worried about my plate either.

In real life, he was corroborated by multiple reviews stating the food and “spicy fries bucket” at the restaurant was amazing, even sports analyst Marcellus Wiley jumped in.

The location for this shot is at the southern end of the Crenshaw Mall. The address specifically where the former burger joint/Staples is: 3715 S. Santa Rosalia Drive, Los Angeles CA 

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