Baby Boy

Before we start, let’s actually begin with the video to refresh your memory.

That Taraji Face gets me every time.

Finding this location took a long time. It’s not really available on the internet anywhere, so the digging was a bit more rigorous. Ultimately, it took me going to IMDB and finding a member of their location management staff. She told me that it was right off the 10 freeway and gave me an exit but she couldn’t remember where the apartment was exactly given that it was so long ago. However, she said that it was located on a street not far from Washington Blvd.

Putting on my investigative cap, and with the recent information imbibed in my head, I pulled out my handy dandy google maps.

(We can fast forward through my three day struggle to pin the exact location)

At last, I found it. Hopping in the car with my partner, we cruised down the 10 freeway west until we arrived at the apartment complex of Yvette (Taraji P. Henson).

Again, to my surprise, there were no harrowing renovations or changes. Everything looked exactly like it did 18 years earlier in 2001. There was a huge gate blocking us from entering into the complex. but luckily for us, there was a family that convivially accepted us, admitted us in, and were indeed aware of the fact that Baby Boy was filmed at the apartment directly above their own.

There are some really great and kind people in Los Angeles; That seems to be a recurring theme upon finding these locations because one of the kids volunteered to take our pictures so that we could mimic the poses of Jody and Yvette.

And mimic we did.

This movie definitely makes my top 7 of “Mark’s 15 Must Watch Cultural Movies” list. The location was really awesome, and in a decent part of the city. Check it out, and also go check out our film locations page for more content.

Location: 2219 South Ridgley Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90016