An Investigation Into the Petty and Mysterious Twitter Beef between Kevin Durant & Kendrick Perkins over Russell Westbrook

Just when you thought that it was going to be a ho-hum night in the NBA (with the exception of Russell Westbrook returning to OKC for the first time since departing) we were dosed with some delicious & ancillary drama away from the court.

Now it’s been a minute since I’ve heard or seen some real Kevin Durant beef with someone on twitter. I mean, sure there was the Knicks/Nets thing earlier this week but who cares? KD displaying sensitivity towards a fan is like saying the sky is blue or proclaiming how warm it is today in Los Angeles.┬áNah, this was something a bit more serious.

Since Durant left the Golden State Warriors last season, we’ve sort of seen this shift towards a catatonic KD as opposed to the 90’s Tupac “Hit Em Up” style version of KD who was well…ruthless in those twitter streets.

This all started when Perkins, a former teammate of Durant’s in Oklahoma City, proclaimed today on national television that Russell Westbrook is the best player to have ever put on a Oklahoma City Thunder jersey, and bestowed him with the platitude of “Mr. Thunder”.

Actually, let’s rewind a little bit. After our highly qualified and professional twitter investigators at Evolix Media Network did some research, we discovered an acrimonious tweet last summer that would reveal what we believe to be the first fracture in this one-time magnanimous bond between Durant and Perkins. If you remember, towards the end of last season, Perkins was the go-to guy on sports shows, and essentially secured his gig as a full-time analyst after serving a term as the public defender of Durant. Unfortunately, this eventually spiraled into what it has become tonight.

As expected, none of this sat well with Durant who caught wind of it, and responded in typical Duration fashion.

Flip the page for the string of tweets between the two.